About Advanced Visibility


Established in 2017, Advanced Visibility is striving to become the industry leader in high-visibility workwear and safety gear. We are proudly pioneering glow technology for its use in safety apparel, illuminating & reflective combo tape, glow logos, heat transfers, and much more to come!

Advanced Visibility was born from a horrific workplace accident that left CEO Justin Krook on bedrest for 6 months brainstorming how he could make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) better, and safer.  

When Justin discovered that 99% of “Struck by” accidents could’ve been prevented with better visibility in low light conditions, he set out on a mission.

He used his chemistry and construction background to turn his garage into a chemistry lab and invented the photoluminescent product called GlowGuard. 

Teaming up with textile engineer and investor Jan Henningsen, Advanced Visibility was established with one mission – to save lives with high visibility.

The Mission

To save lives and prevent injuries by offering the most technologically advanced developments in high-visibility apparel and gear.