About Technology

The Technology behind our Glow materials

Advanced Visibility GlowGuard technology is the result of years of technological research.

The Core of our Technology is based on a unique strontium aluminate based pigment and other proprietary components that were manipulated to achieve maximum glow intensity, rapid charging, long persistence, and excellent water resistance/laundry performance.

  • Long glow persistence enables functional glow performance for over 8 hours.
  • Can be rapidly charged by most any light source including solar charging, artificial sources such as LED, fluorescent, incandescent, and UV (black light).
  • Unlike other persistent phosphors, strontium aluminate phosphors have infinite duty cycle which means they can be charged indefinitely without loss of performance.

The possibilities for GlowGuard are endless. It literally has the ability to save lives! We are excited to see how you use it. Our research and development team is committed to bringing you the best in high-visibility safety equipment.

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AV Glow Performance - Emission vs Time after Full Charge