Frequently Asked Questions About GlowGuard

How does GlowGuard charge?

Glowguard charges by artificial or natural light. The brighter the light, the faster it will charge, and the brighter it will glow. Sunlight will charge GlowGuard in as little as 30secs, but a 40watt bulb will take several minutes. 

Does GlowGuard charge on cloudy days?

Yes, this is an exciting fact for us! GlowGuard will charge with UV light. It will take only a few minutes to fully charge on a rainy/cloudy day.

How long does the glow last?

The glow will last up to 8 hours with the brightest being immediately after removed from light source. The energy stored is slowly released over 8 hours, becoming dimmer and dimmer until reintroduced to light. GlowGuard will efficiently recharge in the presence of any light. 

Is GlowGuard waterproof?

Yes, GlowGuard is waterproof. It can be fully submerged in water and still glow.

Is GlowGuard machine washable?

Yes, our GlowGuard garments are machine washable. We guarantee 20 washes before the GlowGuard material decays. The same is true for GlowGuard custom prints that are heat applied to garments.

Can it come in different colors?

Coming soon! Our Research and Development team is working hard to provide GlowGuard color options available in 2023!

Does it come in sheets?

Yes, our Glow material can come in custom size sheets. A minimum may be required for un-stocked sizes.

Does GlowGuard tape come in different widths?

Yes, our GlowGuard marking tape can be ordered in custom widths. Contact our office for custom orders. 

Can it be printed with color?

Yes, our GlowGuard material can be printed with any color to create your custom logos and decals. However, the darker the ink the softer the glow. We recommend lighter colors or negative space within the design for the brightest glow.

Is it patented?

Yes, our GlowGuard is patented.

How bright is it?

GlowGuard is the brightest glow on the market. However, there are a few factors that can affect how "bright" GlowGuard appears. 

1. The darker the environment when viewing our tapes, the brighter the glow appears. When coming from a bright area to the dark, the glow appears softer until your eyes have adjusted.

2. The brighter the charging light, the brighter the glow until fully charged.

3. The longer the duration without exposure to light, the dimmer it will appear.

The initial afterglow when measured after 2 minutes in millicandellas per square metre (mcd/m2) usilg a photometer is 1800+ (mcd/m2) and extinction time for afterglow to diminish to (0 .32mcd/m2) or about 100 times limit of human perception is 480 minutes.

Can it be used on t-shirts?

Absolutely! We encourage you to put your custom designs, logos, and decals on garments. At this time, we provide only the custom prints with heat adhesive backing, but we are looking forward to expanding our offerings in the future.