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High Visibility Marketing with Glow-in-the-Dark Logos

Glow your business up!

GlowGuard logos is where safety, fun, and marketing meet. Get creative using your custom designs. Your marketing can convert 24/7 with GlowGuard! 

We have developed our intense “glow” technology into a heat transfer material that can be printed, plotted, or die-cut to give you an illuminating decal that will make your brand stand out in a crowd!

Heat transfer material can be applied to lightweight performance sportswear, casual wear and durable workwear with a consistent result. 

Have an event coming up? GlowGuard can help identify staff, security, directions, parking attendants and more!

With so many opportunities for high-visibility marketing, it leaves us with one question. 

Where do you glow? 

 • Company Branding
 • Heat Transfers
 • Logos
 • Stickers
 • Magnets
 • Glowing Prints
 • Sheets or Large Rolls
 • CAD cutting logos and signs
 • Lettering trucks & equipment


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2 of 2 Items