Safety Apparel

Safety Apparel with Glow Technology

apparel-vests-protection-levels.jpgIlluminate Your Safety Apparel! When safety matters, the best matters. Equip your team in the next generation of High-Visibility. GlowGuard safety vests are visible in both light and dark environments.

Most safety garments have retro-reflective tape that works only with direct light. GlowGuard safety vests reflect and glow

GlowGuard is not your average glow product. Our technology is new, innovative and outperforms anything else on the market.

 • GlowGuard Charges with any light source                       
 • Charges in as little as 30sec 
 • Brightest glow on market
 • Glows for up to 8hrs
 • Safest Hi-Visibility Workwear
 • NFPA 2112 70E Certification
 • OEKO-TEX 100 Certification

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5 of 5 Items