Marking Tape

Glow-in-the-Dark High Visibility Marking Tape


GlowGuard Marking Tape is a bright photoluminescent tape with a strong adhesive backing. GlowGuard Marking Tape quickly charges with light (ANY LIGHT) and slowly releases the charge over time. The brighter the light source, the faster it charges.

30 seconds of sunlight = up to 8 hours of afterglow 

GlowGuard Marking Tape sticks to most surfaces, is UV stable, waterproof, and illuminates without the need for wires, batteries, or bulbs. The uses for this glowing caution tape are endless! Apply the tape to hazardous areas, low clearance areas, tools, boats, docks, exits, stairs, bikes, equipment and more! Follow GlowGuard on instagram for more ideas. 



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