Tape that Stands Out From The Rest

Tape that Stands Out From The Rest

GlowGuard on 18th Dec 2021

Could you imagine adding glow in the dark tape to just about anything you can think of?

Marking Tape That Glows

GlowGuard has developed and now sells marking tape that is glows in the dark.

GlowGuard Illuminating Technology

The specified formulated pigments have a high capacity for absorbing and storing light energy by allowing atoms in the pigments to absorb photon energy from an ultra violet light source. The light source can be natural daylight or artificial light. These electrons act like little batteries effectively storing light energy.

Once light has diminished or is absent the stored energy is slowly released as light. This light is called "afterglow."

about-tech2.jpegThe afterglow can be seen in reduced light conditions such as a dimly lit warehouse, unlit roadway, shadows of large machinery, abandoned buildings, smoky conditions etc. Afterglow can be seen in complete dark conditions such as power outages, unlit roads, railroad tracks, tunnels, manholes, working outdoors etc.